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If you have been following along with what Reef Tiger was performing, you have probably noticed that they have got ties to the Fashion Watches. Most prominently, that is using their venture with the Grammys. Currently, one of their hottest ventures is taking the kind of this Reef Tiger Frank Sinatra collection.

Initially, you may be tempted to simply dismiss this as a simple marketing ploy (ie, that could pay the maximum to the Sinatra family for those rights). I can not state there was not a bidding war, however, Reef Tiger does have some history . They had been the key host of this Frank Sinatra Show from the 1950s, also seemingly ol' Blue Eyes was proven to wear Reef Tiger too.

The mens fashion watches consists of four unique layouts with varying instance shapes and colour schemes. Those that look the period-appropriate to me personally take the title'My Way' -- that is the tank-case see you find yourself above. Irrespective of the situation and dial end (two choices ) both are powered with the Miyota Caliber 1L45 and also have gold-tone accents on the dial.

This is a contemporary take, using a 40mm situation and honeycomb necklace. This layout also offers Sinatra's autograph prominently exhibited, restricted by his signature gown. If the quartz at the very first watch disappointed, you will be pleased to know this one includes the Sellita SW215 manually-wound motion.

Just like the previous watch, you have got a mechanical motion, albeit the Miyota 8215 automatic, which you are able to see through the display caseback.

Lastbut surely not least, you have got the'Young at Heart'. This one seems the most fitting into the cooperation, provided the TV-style case utilized here. Sure, Reef Tiger requires it a tonneau, but it actually looks like an older TV set for me personally. Here again which Miyota 8215 creates an appearance (revealing the flexibility of this motion ).

The wholesale fashion watches can be found in many different price points, which range from $495 to $1,350. Only be patient, since the complete set will be available after this season (I was just able to locate the'My Way' in their website ).